Why Is Pickleball So Popular? – Top Reasons

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Everyone seems to fall for pickleball. And this has truly contributed to this sport’s growth. Despite the fact that this sport was only developed in 1965, it has become the fastest-growing sport in the U.S. But why has pickleball become so popular, currently, than any other racket sports?

In this guide, we will discuss the top reasons people love this game. Also, we’ll also show you why it’s expected to grow in popularity even more during the upcoming years.

Why Is Pickleball So Popular?

Pickleball basically refers to a combination of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton. But this sport grew rapidly in terms of popularity compared to most of the other racquet sports that it developed from.

You will find several great reasons to love pickleball. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top reasons why it people call it as one of the fastest growing sports and why so many enjoy to play the pickleball game.

Pickleball Is Suitable for All Ages

Most sports can only be enjoyed by people in a certain age category. Likewise, groups of a certain age need to be separated to keep the game fair.

But, that is not the case with pickleball at all. Pickleball is suitable for people of just about all ages. Kids as young as 6 years of age can start enjoying pickleball, and many seniors over the age of 50 also love to play pickleball.

There are three official age categories for this sport. Children under the age of 18 fall under the junior category. The adult age category includes ages 19 – 49, and the senior age category is for people over the age of 50.

The vast age categories of this game make it ideal for families. Everyone from children to seniors can have fun enjoying pickleball. A pickleball tournament is for everyone – whether you’re a novice looking to learn a new sport or a seasoned player looking for more competitive play.

Pickleball Is Ideal for All Skill Levels

You will not find too many physical limitations for pickleball players.

The rules for pickleball seem pretty simple and very similar to the rules for ping pong or table tennis. So, you can easily learn this sport. Thus, beginners can become very good in very little time. It’s a game that people of any skill level can enjoy. Also, you do have the option to enjoy casual pickleball games or to become a competitive player.

Pickleball Is a Social Activity

Pickleball is usually played by 2 – 4 players at a time and the matches are short-lived so a large group of people can all get a turn to play within the same afternoon.

You can also play the match on a smaller court. In fact, parks and recreation centers can also serve as a pickleball court. Players are positioned close to each other so they can easily hold conversations during a game.

All of these characteristics make it a very social activity. You can enjoy them during family gatherings, social events or outings.

Pickleball Is a Healthy Activity

Pickleball is a great exercise that offers many health benefits. This fun activity can improve your hand-eye coordination, balance, and reflexes. Running to hit the ball is a good cardiovascular workout. The game also isn’t so intense that it can wear you down too much.

Overall, it’s a great physical activity to get you moving so you can burn calories, keep muscles flexible, and stay active. Anyone who has not yet started playing the game of pickleball should start right away with minimal pickleball resources. In fact, you can play pickleball without the need of any high end paddles or any kind of pickleball equipment. Even table tennis paddles would do the job. All you need is a pickleball paddle or a table tennis paddle, plastic ball or ping pong, and access to one of the pickleball courts. In fact, the USA pickleball association is on its vision of creating many pickleball courts by repurposing tennis courts and recreation departments.

Playing Pickleball Can Assist With Weight Loss or Weight Management

Some sports like tennis are a bit too aggressive and intense to enjoy for regular gameplay. Since pickleball seems much easier to play and doesn’t leave you feeling too exhausted, you an consider it as a perfect recreational activity for everyday playing.

Estimates say that you will burn about 500 to 700 calories when you play pickleball for one hour. However, you have various factors, like the game intensity, that can impact the number of calories you burn.

By playing the game of pickleball regularly, you can lose some weight or keep from gaining weight. And since pickleball is a lot of fun to play, you are much more likely to get out of the house for a quick game more frequently.

Different Courts Can Be Used for Playing the Game of Pickleball

Pickleball developed on a badminton court with only minor adjustments to the net height. You can also convert other types of courts like a tennis court to play pickleball. Indeed, it does not take a lot of efforts to transform a tennis court into something multi-functional.

It’s also easy to set up and create a brand-new pickleball court on a driveway or on concrete flooring. You could also set up a temporary pickleball court on one tennis court.

Mostly, you can make the most of this exciting sport outdoors. But, it can be played indoors on a sports court designed for other sports. The flexibility of the summertime activity makes it ideal for various locations.

Pickleball Is an Affordable Sport

You don’t need a lot of gear to start playing the game of pickleball. The court is relatively small, and you only need a couple of pickleball paddles, a pickleball ball or whiffle ball, and comfortable clothing. Then, you’re all set for a fun, fast-paced game!

There Are Lots of Players

You can easily find a partner to play pickleball with. In 2020, about 4.2 million pickleball players actively played the game.

And even if you find yourself around a few players, this great sport is easy to learn. It’s very easy to create a new group of pickleball enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

So, why is pickleball so popular? There are many great reasons to love America’s fastest-growing sport, and we’re certain that the popularity of pickleball is only going to keep growing as more people become acquainted with this game.

If you’re looking for more information on why pickleball is so popular and its origins, have a look at some of our other guides on The Volley. With our guides, you can find all there is to know about pickleball basic rules, best gear for playing this exciting sport and what pickleball offers to casual players as well as to a professional tennis player.

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