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What Is the Double Bounce Rule in Pickleball


Pickleball is a sport that is growing in popularity at an unprecedented rate. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular racquet sports around, and with good reason.

It’s easy to learn, fun for all ages, and can be played on any court or in your backyard. But before you start playing pickleball, there are a few rules you should be familiar with including the double bounce rule. Let’s take a look at what it is, why it’s important, and how you can ensure you’re following it correctly. 

What Is the Double Bounce Rule? 

The double bounce rule in pickleball states that when serving the ball, both players must let the ball bounce once before returning it over the net. This means that if you are on the receiving side of the serve, you must wait until after your opponent has served the ball to make your return shot.

In addition to this rule, each player must alternate who serves first during each game; this ensures that neither player is at an advantage throughout the match. 

double bounce rule

Why Is It Important? 

The double bounce rule ensures fairness between players and helps keep track of points during a match by requiring each player to acknowledge their opponents’ serve before making their own return shot.

This helps keep score and eliminates confusion about who has won a point if both players attempt to hit the ball back over at once. Additionally, following this rule properly helps keep games going smoothly and prevents unnecessary disputes between players. 

Players need to make sure they wait until after their opponent has served before making their own return shot instead of hitting it back over immediately after service. This will ensure they are following proper protocol and not giving themselves an unfair advantage over their opponents. Furthermore, players should also keep track of who serves first during each game in order to maintain fairness throughout playtime.  

How Can Players Ensure They Are Following The Double Bounce Rule Correctly During A Match? 

The best way for players to make sure they are following the double bounce rule correctly during a match is by making sure they always wait for their opponents to hit the ball back before hitting it themselves. If a player finds themselves getting too eager and hitting the ball multiple times in succession without giving their opponent a chance to respond, they should take a step back and give them more time before continuing with the rally.

Additionally, it’s important for players to pay attention not only to when their opponents hit the ball but also to where on the court it lands so that they can be sure not to violate any other rules while playing pickleball

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What Are The Benefits Of Following The Double Bounce Rule In Pickleball Games? 

The benefits of following this rule are numerous! For starters, following this rule helps ensure fair play between both players on the court as well as encourages interaction between them as well. Additionally, following this rule helps speed up play by eliminating any unnecessary pauses which could result from one player hitting multiple shots in succession without giving their opponent time to react properly.

Finally, following this rule helps create an enjoyable atmosphere on the court as both players will feel like they have an equal opportunity to compete against each other rather than one player having an unfair advantage over another due to not waiting for their opponent’s shot before hitting theirs again. 

What Are Some of The Consequences of Violating the Double Bounce Rule in Pickleball Games?

Violating this rule can result in consequences for pickleball players. While there might not be immediate consequences for violating this rule during a pickleball game, it can lead to repetition of the point or even a warning from the referee or whoever is officiating the pickleball game.

Repeated violations can lead to players losing a point or possibly being disqualified from that particular match. So while a pickleball player’s strategy in a particular pickleball game might benefit from violating the double bounce rule, it is important to remember that it may mean more harm than good in terms of consequences and penalties.

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How Can You Avoid Violating the Double Bounce Rule in Pickleball Games?

To avoid violating the double bounce rule in pickleball games, it is important to be aware of the pickleball court boundaries. The first bounce of the pickleball must occur within the non-volley zone, or 7 feet from either side of the pickleball net. If a pickleball bounces outside the pickleball court boundary lines, then double bouncing has occurred and this violation will count against your team.

Additionally, you should also make sure to have good footwork when hitting a pickleball; always get behind the pickleball before making contact with it. This way you can ensure that you are within the pickleball court boundaries and not double bouncing on any pickleball!

What Are Some Other Rules? 

In addition to the double bounce rule, there are several other rules that pickleball players should be aware of before playing a game including no-volley zones (the areas near each end of the court where volleys are not allowed), required distances for shots (the distance between shots varies depending on whether they were hit from a baseline or not), and out-of-bounds lines (shots that go beyond these lines do not count as points).

Moreover, proper etiquette is expected on pickleball courts as well; for example, excessive yelling or arguing can result in warnings or disqualifications from matches depending on severity.  

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How Can You Improve Your Skills? 

If you want to improve your skills at playing pickleball even further than just learning about its rules and regulations then consider signing up for private lessons or group classes offered by experienced coaches or organizations like USA Pickleball Association (USAPA).

Additionally, there are plenty of resources online such as instructional videos or books available for purchase that can help you hone your skills even further too!


Following all of these rules will help ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience while playing pickleball so make sure you take some time to review them before heading out onto the court!

The double bounce rule is especially important because it keeps track of points scored correctly as well as maintains fairness between opponents during a match so don’t forget about it! With some practice and dedication, however, you’ll become an ace pickleball in no time! Good luck!