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That feeling when you have plans to play pickleball.

Funny Pickleball Memes That Will Make You LOL


What could be funnier than pickleball memes? Memes are great because they allow players to connect with other players worldwide. They’re also a way to share the knowledge and love you have for pickleball with others, without being too pushy about it.

Since we enjoy playing pickleball, we feel it’s our duty to share some pickleball memes and laughs with you all today. 

General Pickleball Memes

Pickleball is a sport that has grown from 4.8 million players in 2021, to 8.9 million players in 2022. That’s a growth rate of 85 percent! And the growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Even pickleball’s professional scene is picking up.

I say we take a break from all the technicalities of the game, and have fun some other way through these funny pickleball memes that a true pickleball enthusiast can relate to!

“When you go to bed and remember that you get to play pickleball the next day.”

Especially after a long work week, full of overtimes and maybe even a pinch of drama? Really, there’s no better feeling than knowing the next day will be spent on the court with your peeps.

“Waking up early for work Vs. Waking up early for pickleball”

8AMs should only be reserved for pickleball. Can we get an “Amen”?

“I don’t always play pickleball… Oh wait, yes I do”

Tell us a better sport. We’ll wait.

“That feeling when you have plans to play pickleball”

See the hearts in his eyes? Hands down, no better feeling. Let’s just go already!

“When it’s been a while since your last game of pickleball”

Sure, everyone says pickleball is easy. And it might even look that way because of how much fun the players are having on court. But after a long hiatus, playing even just 15 minutes straight will have you panting. 

So, there’s no way around it… you’ll just have to play everyday.

“Hard to swallow pills: There are other sports other than pickleball”

We refuse to accept it. It’s pickleball or nothing!

“When you meet someone and they also play pickleball”

Ain’t it a great feeling when you chance upon an enthusiast by random, when you least expect it? It’s so easy to bond through pickleball, because the pickleball community is simply the best.

“When someone in the other room mentions pickleball”

Admit it—you’re guilty of this, too. How can anyone not be enthusiastic about this sport?

“A sport called ‘pickleball’ but there won’t be any pickles”

Pickles may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But trust us when we say… pickleball is.

Pickleball Paddle Memes

Your choice of pickleball paddle can definitely make or break your pickleball game. That’s why finding the right one for you is so important!

“When you find the perfect pickleball paddle”

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff right there. The best paddle should fit snugly in your grip, and be light enough to allow you to play for an extended time without fear of injuries. There are long and short paddles, thin and thick paddles, paddles you can make yourself

It’s a tough order, but when you finally do find the perfect pickleball paddle? *chef’s kiss*

“The look you give your family when you ask for a new pickleball paddle”

Let us know if the Puss in Boots “please” look works on your family. It hasn’t worked for us yet, but we’re still trying!

“That feeling when you get to the pickleball court and you forgot your paddle”

Picture this: You’re up early, you’ve had your morning coffee, you changed and left the house early in order to make it to your pickleball game on time… only to realize you left your perfect pickleball paddle at home.

It’s quite amusing how quickly you can go from high to low, if it weren’t so frustrating. The really grumpy cat meme pretty much sums up that feeling.

The distracted-boyfriend meme

Nothing like the distracted-boyfriend meme to express your pickleball paddle addiction. You’re not alone… we can’t stop looking at the shiny new pickleball paddles on display either.

Pickleball Lobbing Memes

Lobbing in pickleball is when you or your opponents hit the ball at a high arc. These high balls are usually too difficult to return, hence the following frustrated memes.

“For the love of God, stop lobbing”

No, seriously. Stop. Some of us actually want to play.

“That moment you lob the ball not just quite high enough”


Pickleball Kitchen Meme

In pickleball, the term “kitchen” refers to the non-volley zone. It’s the area on both sides of the net, extending seven inches on each side. 

You can’t stand in the kitchen area when you’re volleying. Otherwise, your opponent will receive a point.

“When no one notices you stepped in the kitchen” 

I mean, what they don’t know won’t hurt them… right?

“Honey, do you love me?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then quit stepping on the damn kitchen line!”

Guilty! The kitchen rules are tough for beginners. If you’re playing with a bunch of newbies, go easy on them.

Feel Good and Play Well

We hope these memes made your day, especially if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. After all, you can’t play well if you don’t feel well.

Don’t forget to share the joy of playing pickleball and funny memes with your pickleball partner!