Funny Pickleball Memes That Will Make You LOL

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What could be funnier than pickleball memes? As the community of pickleball grows, so does funny pickleball memes. They allow players to connect with other players worldwide. Also, memes can help share knowledge and love for pickleball with others.

Since we enjoy playing pickleball, it’s our duty to share some pickleball memes and laughs. With the pickleball community growing, the memes will increase too and we bring some good pickleball laughs for you.

Check the 10 funniest and best pickleball memes across various categories!

1.  General Pickleball Memes

“So you’re telling me not everyone knows about the pickleball game?” With over 4.8 million pickleball players in the U.S. and growing, the sport will trend soon.

Scroll for the best pickleball memes that a pickleball player will enjoy.

General Pickleball Memes

“When you go to bed and remember that you get to play pickleball the next day.”

“Waking up early for work Vs. Waking up early for pickleball” 8AMs should only be reserved for pickleball.

“I don’t always play pickleball… Oh wait, yes I do” Tell us a better sport, we’ll wait.

“That feeling when you have plans to play pickleball” No better feeling hands down.

“When it’s been a while since your last game of pickleball” Sure it looks easy, but when you’ve played for a good 15 minutes you might be panting.

“Hard to swallow pills: There are other sports other than pickleball” We refuse to accept it.

“When you meet someone and they also play pickleball” Pickleball partners are the best.

“When someone in the other room mentions pickleball”

“A sport called ‘pickleball’ but there won’t be any pickles” We’re pretty sure his meme is what’s on everyone’s mind.

Pickleball Paddles Meme

“When you find the perfect pickleball paddle”

“The look you give your family when you ask for a new pickleball paddle” Let us know if the Puss in Boots “please” look works on your family. We’re still trying…

“That feeling when you get to the pickleball court and you forgot your paddle” The grumpy cat pretty much sums up that feeling.

Nothing like the distracted-boyfriend meme expressing your pickleball paddle addiction.

Pickleball Lobbing Memes

Lobbing in pickleball is when an opponent or you hit the ball at a high arc. It’s usually too difficult to hit those kinds of high balls back. A few to express our frustration are:

“For the love of God, stop lobbing” No, seriously, stop.

“That moment you lob the ball not just quite high enough”

Pickleball Kitchen Meme

In pickleball, the term kitchen usually refers to the non-volley zone. In other words, it’s the area extending between the net by seven inches on each side.

Long story short, you can’t stand in the kitchen area. Otherwise, you’re opponent will receive a point. Now here are some to enjoy about the kitchen.

“When no one notices you stepped in the kitchen” Well, what they don’t know won’t hurt them…

“Honey, do you love me?”
“Of course I do.”
“Then quit stepping on the damn kitchen line!”

 Wrap Up

Hope these meme made your day. Share you best meme in the comments below! Remember to share these meme with your pickleball partner. Enjoy playing pickleball and these memes too!

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