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Benefits to Protective Pickleball Eyewear on the Pickleball Court


Protective eyewear is an important piece of equipment for pickleball players, as it can offer better eye protection. Further, it helps to prevent eye injuries caused by the small, fast-moving ball. Wearing protective eyewear can also improve visibility on the court, allowing players to better track the ball and make quicker, more accurate shots.

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Additionally, many protective eyewear options provide protection against harmful UV rays, which can help prevent eye strain. Overall, using protective eyewear can offer protection against serious injury and performance of pickleball players.

Why Wear Protective Eyewear While Playing Pickleball?

Pickleball related eye injuries can occur in several ways. So this involves being struck in the eye with the pickleball or hit in the eye with your partner’s elbow or fist. Eye injuries may occur at any level, from novice to expert. Simone Jardim, one of the top professional pickleball players, had an eye injury during the USA Pickleball National Championships due to an errant ball.

You can avoid most of these injuries with protective pickleball eyewear or protective glasses. However, most pickleball players do not use eye protection since it is not necessary on courts at any level. Even though protective pickleball eyewear is not necessary to play pickleball, you should still think about wearing it on the court.

Which Injuries Are Possible While Playing Pickleball?

Even though pickleball eye injuries are uncommon, there have been reports of players suffering from severe damage to the eyes. So this includes bruising, scrapes, and swelling, and even intraocular hemorrhage and retinal detachment in rare occurrences. Several of these accidents might result in losing eyesight, making it vital to wear eye protection.

The best method to protect oneself from such eye concerns when playing pickleball is to wear protective eyewear. It may take a while to adjust, but it would quickly become part of the routine.

Why Players Avoid Wearing Pickleball Eye Protection?

Don’t be a fool. Protect those beautiful eyes.

Players in pickleball and other racket sports avoid wearing protective eyewear for various reasons. Several of them are listed below:

  • Sweat condensation on such glasses might result in fogging, reducing their vision.
  • The price of protective eyewear might be a significant obstacle for certain novice and intermediate players.
  • Other causes include poor fit and “uncool” appearance.

With the development of technology and the introduction of more effective protective eyewear in the marketplace, most of these issues may be resolved.

Reasons To Wear Proper Eye Protection At Pickleball Court

There are a variety of reasons why one should consider wearing protective eyewear whenever playing pickleball or any other ball sports. Below are some of them:

1. Prevent eye injury

As discussed earlier, one major reason to wear proper eye protection is to avoid eye injury. Whether caused by a stray ball or a partner’s paddle or elbow, pickleball-related incidents are becoming increasingly common.

Protective eyewear will prevent such injuries and make the sport much safer for all participants.

2. Protection against Sweat

During a rally, you do not wish for your sweat to invade your eyes and make it hard to see the ball. Compact pickleball glasses prevent this from occurring.

To avoid vision problems, you must also use a pair of protective eyewear resistant to fog. Further, glass fogging makes it even more difficult for players, who must repeatedly remove their glasses after each rally to clear away sweat and fog.

3. Safety Against Harmful Rays

The only option to protect one’s eyes from harmful UV rays when playing pickleball is using these eyeglasses.

4. Offers Protection Against Pollen & Dust

Eye protection or safety glasses designed for pickleball may also offer protection from dust and pollen, particularly while playing outside.

5. Protection Against Wind

When playing outside, there’s always the possibility that the wind or other natural forces may impair your performance. Also, the wind can impact your vision, affecting your performance while playing the sport.

Yet, using protective eyewear might greatly facilitate outdoor play in less-than-ideal weather patterns.

6. Protection from Extreme Light

A quality eyewear may significantly mitigate the impacts of the sun’s glare or the headlights at night, whether outside or inside.

Look cool while being safe on the court when playing Pickleball

Things To Consider When Looking For Pickleball Eye Protection

1. Comfortable fit

This is a very important feature to consider when selecting eye protection. You don’t want to choose glasses that are too loose or tight, causing you to suffer while playing.

If the eyewear is too loose, it may not remain in position and contribute to the pain, while a frame that is too tight runs the danger of shattering easily and causing headaches.

2. Light Weight

Most protective eyewear is made with a focus on its low weight, since this is an important consideration. Also, you would like to feel as if your eyewear is a component of you, compared to a burden hanging from your face. Don’t sacrifice the weight of your eyewear for cheap frames.

3. Anti-Fogging

There are anti-fogging sprays to help the sunglasses avoid fogging. But the best method to choose protective glasses is to choose ones with anti-fog protection.

This helps avoid condensation of perspiration on the glasses, and helps to enhance visibility rather than diminishing.

4. UV Resistance

One must choose UV-resistant pickleball sunglasses to shield one’s eyes from hazardous UV rays.

5. Impact Resistance

When choosing pickleball eyewear, ensure they are impact resistant. The resistance to shattering into tiny pieces upon impact is a critical characteristic of all types of athletic protective eyewear. Hence, opt for shatterproof lenses.

The purpose of any type of protective pickleball glasses is to safeguard your eyes from injury. Thus the glasses should not be so fragile that they shatter readily upon hit with a pickleball.

6. Anti-Scratch

It is advisable to choose anti-scratch eyewear to avoid scratches or markings on the glasses. Scratches make it impossible for players to use the same eyewear without experiencing visual pain.


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