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5 Tips to Becoming the Perfect Pickleball Partner


Pickleball is a fun and fast-paced sport that players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. Also, pickleball is best enjoyed when played in doubles. These first-time collaborations can be intimidating. So to help you become the perfect pickleball partner, it’s essential to have good communication, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn and improve. Some tips to help you become a great pickleball partner are here.

Pickleball Tips To Be A Perfect Partner

1. Show respect to one another

Be sure to appreciate your partner whenever they have played well, hitting a great shot, and be understanding if they miss their shot. Whether you win or lose as a doubles player, both partners are accountable for performances and how you work. Criticizing your partner will only result in unneeded conflict.

2. Always communicate on the court

With a first-time pickleball partner, you haven’t yet developed your senses to predict their actions. You lack the same understanding of court location and the ability to predict the next shot. Therefore, it is essential to communicate and then communicate a little more. Also, you should inform your partner of your tendencies before the game.

Also, strategize and inform your partner about your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Positive and effective communication fosters confidence and trust among pickleball partners. You and your first-time partner could also overcome misunderstandings on the pickleball court via communication.

3. Create a game plan

Take a few moments to design a strategy with your partner before you begin playing pickleball. Discuss the shots you wish to execute and the positioning of your opponents. So this will assist you to be on the same page and making better decisions during the pickleball game.

If your objective is to win more games, your team must play wisely.

4. Close the middle

New teams are especially susceptible to losing points towards the middle of the pickleball court. Therefore, before beginning a game with a new partner, establish who will occupy the middle so that you do not lose points because of a lack of communication. So this might be as straightforward as the player whose forehand is in the middle taking the position. Also, ensure that you and your first-time pickleball companion are near enough to reach the court’s center line.

Ensure that your partner understands to take the middle when they’re forehand and offer to move out of their way to allow them space. This will perhaps motivate them to do the same thing for you. Why? There are two primary reasons for doing this:

  • Most individuals’ forehands are much more consistent and powerful than their backhands.
  • Some unforced errors happen when you are forced to think for an additional split second. Some of these mental mistakes can be avoided by determining who will take the ball through the middle early.

5. Stay focused

It is essential to keep concentration when playing doubles pickleball. A lot is happening, and it is easy to become caught in the moment. If you are not attentive, you may miss a crucial shot or make mistakes that could cost you a point.

As a player, you can consider these tips to improve your game:

  1. Be a good listener: Pay attention to your partner’s needs while playing pickleball and adjust your play accordingly.
  2. Practice your shots: Take time to work on your serves, volleys, and other shots to improve your accuracy and consistency to play well.
  3. Be willing to learn: Be open to trying new strategies and techniques, and make adjustments to your play.
  4. Target the non-volley zone: Positioning oneself in the non-volley zone or kitchen line, where one can influence the ball and make it difficult for the opposing team, is the optimal strategy for victory.

Final Say

Pickleball requires consistency. One spectacular shot will not win the game. Be consistent and position yourself and your partner to win easily. Learn from your every past mistake, whether you enjoyed your time with friends or experienced players . These pickleball strategies and tips can help you enjoy the sport.