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tom brady pickleball

Tom Brady Pickleball

Pickleball is starting to get noticed all across the world as an exciting and competitive sport. More and more pickleball players have invested in equipment, court rentals, and club memberships.

However, there are people who have taken those investments to a whole new level, like Tom Brady. He saw pickleball as a pretty neat sport and bought a Major League Pickleball club, despite not being a pickleball player himself.


Who is Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is one of the most influential athletes in the world. In fact, he is in the argument for the best player of all time in the NFL—otherwise called the “GOAT” or Greatest Of All Time in sports.

tom brady

Brady is known as a winner and there is not a hint of exaggeration there whatsoever. He was a quarterback for the New England Patriots for most of his career, and more recently joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In total, he has won a whopping seven Super Bowls and three MVP titles.

He tore through history by achieving the most wins, most career touchdown passes, most career completions, most playoff wins, and so much more. He also bagged Athlete of the Year in the ESPY, Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year, and Associated Press Athlete of the Year.

His feats are untouchable, making him not only the best NFL player in the world but also one of the best athletes who ever lived. 


Celebrities in Pickleball

If Brady is such a big shot in the world of sports, why would he be interested in a small sport like pickleball? Well, pickleball is growing… and it is growing fast. This sport has been catching the attention of numerous high-profile athletes everywhere. Here is a list of notable athletes and celebrities that bet big on pickleball.

LeBron James

Arguably the GOAT of basketball and Brady’s counterpart in the basketball world, LeBron James has invested in pickleball as well. Major League Pickleball (MLP) announced on September 28, 2022, that it had obtained a seven-figure investment from a group led by James to purchase a new club.

This actually opened the floodgates to a lot of other new investors expressing their interest as well. MLP strategic advisor Anne Worcester stated that the league has had more than 100 inquiries from interested owners and sponsors since the announcement of James’ involvement.

Naomi Osaka

The once-dominant tennis phenomenon, Naomi Osaka, has invested in a Miami-based pickleball team. She joined Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, fellow tennis player Nick Kyrgios, NBA super-agent Rich Paul, and entrepreneur Matthew Pritzker.

Not much information has been released about this as of the time of writing, but the team is bound to get a lot of support based on the high-profile list of investors.

Drake & Michael B. Jordan

Investors are not limited to famous athletes. A-list artists and actors such as Michael B. Jordan and Drake have entered the fray, as well! The Creed actor and the five-time Grammy Award-winning rapper announced in July 2023 that they had both invested in the Brooklyn Aces, one of the clubs in Major League Pickleball.

The pair are known to have a passion for sports. Drake is extremely passionate about the NBA and the Toronto Raptors. Meanwhile, Jordan has done a lot of work with the NBA2K video game series. Now, they take their interest—and money—to the hot and rising pickleball.

Drew Brees

Drew Brees, a legendary New Orleans Saints quarterback and long-time rival of Brady in the NFL, has become part of the ownership group of the Mad Drops Pickleball Club. Interestingly enough, he actually got a head start on Brady in investing in the sport by doing so in July of 2022. 

Brees is joined by other notable names from the sports industry such as Los Angeles Lakers co-owner Jim Buss, Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry, and tennis player James Blake.


Tom Brady Buys Pickleball Team

Just like the athletes mentioned, Tom Brady senses the potential of pickleball in the sports world. Because of that, he invested right away in a Major League Pickleball team. The MLP official X account wasted no time in announcing.

The tweet stated: 

BREAKING NEWS! We are excited to welcome our newest team owners, including 

@TomBrady and @Clijsterskim, to the @MajorLeaguePB family! ” 

— @MajorLeaguePB

tom brady buying pickleball team

As the tweet shows, he is not alone in his investment in the sport. With him is women’s tennis legend Kim Clijsters, who also expressed interest in the sport. He and Clijsters are part of the Knighthead Capital Management group. Which aims to buy an expansion team in Major League Pickleball. The league is planning to add four more teams to the existing 12. Then expand it further to 24 teams in the next season.

Even though the sport is still considered to be growing, the league is already planning to double its number of annual events to six events in total and is set to give out more than $2 million in prize money. That’s no spare change if you ask me.

With his competitive spirit and drive to win, Brady looks to dominate yet another sport especially after he retires. Which in perspective should not be long from now.


Tom Brady’s Impact on Pickleball

With his investment, Brady has done a lot to promote pickleball.

He even announced his intentions towards the sport in an Instagram video where he said the following:

“Look, I’ve been trying to find a way to extend my professional sports career, in my 40s, even into my 50s, 60s, 70s! As long as I can, right? And I think I got the answer,” he said. “Seems like everyone else has the answer too — pickleball!”

This shows that not only does he want to invest in the sport. But he also wants to actually play the game himself when he is older and retired! Older players and those with physical limitations have no problem playing pickleball since the sport is quite versatile. It isn’t limited to those who have superior athletic ability.

Pickleball’s easy-to-play yet competitive nature makes it such a good sport to invest in. In other words: less effort yet maximum entertainment.

Brady’s move has caused ripples to form in pickleball. 

“When Tom Brady made a captivating video about why he feels passionate about pickleball, that literally doubled our followers in one day,…”

  • Brian Levine, Interim Chief Executive Officer of Major League Pickleball

With both his influence and his active participation, it is certain that a lot of people will turn to the sport in the near future. In fact, we might see a lot of celebrity tournaments—such as the already successful Pickleball Slam and maybe a Tom Brady pickleball league—pretty soon. 

Wrapping Up

With all that being said, you can say that pickleball and Tom Brady are a match made in heaven. Through pickleball, he can continue to compete even after his glory days. As a sport, pickleball is an equalizer for people of all ages, regardless of how strong, fast, or nimble they are.

backyard pickleball courts

How To Make Backyard Pickleball Courts

Have you ever wanted to train your pickleball skills but don’t have a court near you? Believe it or not, you can actually just set one up at home! A pickleball court is relatively small compared to other courts in racket sports, so you won’t have a problem fitting one in your own backyard.

All you need is a few materials and some resourcefulness. We will guide you through the steps on how to make your own backyard pickleball court and the things you need to consider.


Editor’s Note: Read Before Proceeding

Some of the materials can be quite expensive. But, never fear, we’ve provided some alternatives that you can use instead. You can still make a pickleball court on a budget.

We meant it when we said that this is a complete and thorough guide on everything there is to know about making a backyard pickleball court. For pickleball enthusiasts who just want a court in their backyard, you won’t need to do every single step in this guide. But, if you don’t want to spare any expense or simply want to know what you’re getting yourself into if you’re planning to make your own pickleball court, read on.


How To Make Backyard Pickleball Court

There are two types of backyard pickleball courts you can build in your backyard: temporary makeshift courts and permanent hardcourts. This all depends on your budget and preference but the steps to do them are pretty much the same. 

backyard for pickleball

Difference Between Makeshift Court and A Permanent Hardcourt

To clear things up, let’s differentiate what is a makeshift court from a permanent hardcourt. 

  • Makeshift Pickleball Court 

This is a temporary court that is as quick to set up as it is to remove. This can be done using a collapsable pickleball net and temporary markers such as chalk or vinyl markers. 

Simply mark the necessary lines—like the perimeter, kitchen line, and center line—set up the net, and voila! You are set to play pickleball. You’ll want to set your makeshift court over concrete or asphalt surfaces since they are sturdier. Grass is not the best surface to play on, but you can actually still play pickleball on grass. Just check out our guide!

  • Permanent Pickleball Hardcourts 

On the other hand, permanent hardcourts are the courts we see in clubs and sports complexes. They are courts with their own space, marked by permanent lines, markers, and a fixed net. To build permanent hardcourts, you’ll need to prepare the ground, set concrete, and finish it up with paint.

Contractor or No Contractor?

We recommend only hiring a contractor for really big projects—like if you plan on turning your backyard or driveway into a permanent hardcourt. If you want a standard court in your backyard with a wired fence, lighting, and all, you must have an ample amount of space and a contractor to assist you with the construction. 

If you just want to make a makeshift pickleball court instead, you can do it yourself. Hiring a contractor costs a lot of money, which can otherwise be spent on the court you’re trying to make. So, keep that in mind when deciding between getting a contractor or doing it yourself.


Backyard Pickleball Court Dimensions

A backyard pickleball court should ideally follow the standard pickleball court dimensions, which are 20 ft wide and 44 ft long. The kitchen line should be 7 ft away from the net on both sides. The rest of the 15 ft will become the service zone. Draw a centerline in the middle to distinguish the left from right service zones.

backyard pickleball dimensions

Pinned Notes Icon

NOTE:  Not all backyards can accommodate such a huge space, but don’t let that limit you. You can build a smaller pickleball court, just scale it accurately so that the proportions are similar to a standard court. A smaller court can be 18 ft by 38 ft, or even smaller depending on the area you have.


Steps On Building Your Own Backyard Pickleball Court

Here are the steps on how to build a pickleball court in your backyard:

  • Do an Inspection of Your Backyard

Before actually getting to work on the court itself, it is always best to inspect your backyard first. This is to get an idea of what you are dealing with and the possible modifications you will need to do when building your court.

While checking your backyard, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the surface leveled? Cementing and leveling the area will add to the cost.
  • Is there a lot of debris in the way? Debris can be large stones, metal scraps, wood, trash, and the like.
  • Is there adequate drainage? You’ll want to build your pickleball court in an area with good drainage to prevent the court from becoming muddy or slippery.
  • Are there any overhead obstructions? Make sure there are no overhanging branches or power lines that can interfere with play.
  • Is the soil too soft? If yes, you’ll need to compact the soil before laying down the cement.

You should also keep an eye out for other things that might get in the way as you start making your pickleball court. This includes pipings, hazardous materials or substances, and the like.

  • Make a Sketch or Visualize Your Future Pickleball Court

Now that you know what you are working with, it is time to visualize your court’s design. Where do you want it positioned? Do you want it painted? 

You can add a lot of things to your court’s design, so draw them up first before making the markings permanent. Then, make a list of all the supplies you will need to make your vision come to life.

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Pro Tip: Remember that the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west. It is therefore recommended to position the longer side court on the north-south axis. This will prevent the sun’s glare from getting in the way of your vision.
  • Gather Supplies

This is the part where you find a contractor to do your bidding—if that’s the route you wanna go. Meet up with the contractor (it’s better if they come over to your house so they can see for themselves what they have to work with). Show them your sketch and ask for a quote. 

The contractor will give you an approximation of how much you’ll be spending in total. If you agree to the budget, the contractor will then draw up a list of supplies for you to buy. You can head to your local Home Depot and gather the supplies yourself, or let your contractor do it since it’s part of their job description. 

  • Lay out The Perimeter

This is an important step to establish just how big your court will be. Once you’ve decided whether you want a standard court or a smaller one, use a piece of rope or chalk to draw up the perimeter of your court.

  • Lay the Groundwork

This step depends on what type of ground you are dealing with. If your backyard is already covered in concrete or asphalt, you just have to clean it up and get to painting. Alternatively, you can mark the perimeter lines with chalk and subdivide the court zones like the kitchen and the service areas with chalk as well. This is a quick but temporary way to set up a makeshift court. 

You don’t need to be super accurate in subdividing the areas. Just adding placeholders will do. We’ll be going through how to finalize the different pickleball court zones later on.

If your backyard is covered in grass, dig up the area and cement it first. You can’t play proper pickleball on grass—you won’t be able to generate enough bounce. Concrete courts are the way to go.

  • Mark the Edges or Lines

Now that you’ve drawn your lines, it’s time to finalize the edges and lines. Make them permanent using painter’s tape or paint. This is for permanent hardcourts. If you are only looking to set up a temporary makeshift court, you can make do with chalk or chalk dust. 

  • Set the Net

Set up a portable net or a permanent net along the middle of the court. A permanent net will require you to set the poles into the concrete. A portable net can simply collapse into its case when not in use.

Regardless of whether you’ll be using a portable or permanent net, make sure that it is 36 inches high at the edges and 34 inches in the middle, as nets tend to sag in between both poles. The poles must be about a foot away from the sidelines.


Setting Up and Marking The Court Zones of Your Backyard Pickleball Court

Setting up the court and getting the measurements right is a tough task, especially if you’re doing it alone. Fortunately, we got your back.

setting up and marking the court zones

Here is a guide on how to lay out the perimeter for your backyard pickleball court:

  1. Decide where the first corner will be and mark it out.
  2. Measure a 44-foot-long line from the first corner. To ensure the line is straight, you can draw the line parallel to a wall, fence, or driveway. 
  3. Use chalk or string to mark the first line.
  4. Make the first corner of the court by measuring a 20-foot-long line perpendicular to the first line. It needs to be exactly 90 degrees, so make sure to use a triangle.
  5. Use chalk or string to mark the second line.
  6. Repeat step 4 until you have a perfectly rectangular court with 90-degree angles on all four sides.
  7. Close the rectangle by connecting the open ends.

After that, you should have your court perimeter. To check if the measurements and angles are correct, you can measure the diagonals of the rectangle. Each diagonal should measure about 48 feet—more or less.

Now that we have our perimeter, let’s get to subdividing the court into different zones:

  1. First, start at the first corner. Measure 15 feet along the sideline, which is the longer side of the court. Mark it with an X using chalk or simply add a marker.
  2. Do the same on the other sideline. Mark an X there as well.
  3. Connect both X’s to form the kitchen line.
  4. Now, the kitchen line and baseline should both measure 20 feet. Find the middle of both and mark an X. The lines on either side of yours X’s should be 10 feet long.
  5. Connect both X’s to form the centerline. This will divide your service zone into right and left.
  6. Next, repeat steps 1 through 5 on the other side of the court.
  7. Finally, find the middle of the court (which is 22 feet from either baseline) and set up your net right down the middle.


DIY Backyard Pickleball Court Materials

We made a list of the materials you need to have when making a DIY backyard pickleball court. Note that you can add more materials and steps to the mix—like waterproofing. The choice is yours, depending on the court you want to make.

diy backyard pickleball court materials

Pickleball Net

You mustn’t forget the net! This is the most important part of your pickleball court as it is what makes a pickleball court, well, a pickleball court. Remember that pickleball nets are low to the ground and measure 36 inches high at the sides, but 34 inches high in the middle.

Tape Measures

You’ll need tape measures and steel tapes to accurately measure your DIY backyard pickleball court dimensions. Find two tape measures that can measure up to 50 ft or longer. Use the first tape measure as a placeholder and the second one to measure the subdivisions of the court.


Use chalk to mark the perimeter temporarily before painting. On a temporary court, you can also use chalk to finalize the lines. In the absence of chalk, chalkdust can do the job just fine.

Rope or String

A rope or string is a good alternative to chalk when marking the perimeter before painting. It is less of a hassle to use as it doesn’t take much effort to clean up.


To finalize your backyard pickleball court, you can paint the flooring however you please, but we recommend using 100 percent acrylic paint. Apply a minimum of two coats and use two different paint colors. It’s better to paint the kitchen zone in another color to make it really stand out. 

Surface Coating (Optional)

When it comes to surface coats, you have the option to apply Polyurethane, Acrolytex, or Plexiflor coatings. Read our article on pickleball court surfaces for more information on which to choose. Surface coatings are added on top of your concrete floor to increase ball response and lessen the pressure on your joints. They’re an optional expense but can be worth it if you suffer from knee and foot injuries.

Right Triangle (Optional)

If you want to ensure that your court measures exactly 90 degrees at each corner, purchase a right triangle straight edge. It’s basically a ruler shaped like a right triangle that designers use to accurately draw lines at various angles. 

Fences (Optional)

Without a fence to keep everything in, the ball might travel more than out of bounds. It might end up in a place where it’ll be difficult for you to retrieve it, like a river, a busy intersection or your grumpy neighbor’s yard. A fence that stands anywhere between four to ten feet tall should do the trick.

Lighting (Optional)

If you want to play pickleball at night, add a few lighting fixtures around your court so you can see in the dark. Remember to position the lights in a way that you won’t get hit by the glare, which will affect your shot. 


How Much Does a Backyard Pickleball Court Cost?

A backyard pickleball court’s cost depends on the type of court you are trying to build. A makeshift DIY pickleball court made out of chalk and a portable net will cost less than a permanent hardcourt.

backyard pickleball court cost

So exactly how much does it cost to build a pickleball court in your backyard? For a makeshift or temporary court, you’ll need to shell out at least $80 to $100. This is if you buy the cheapest portable pickleball net and chalk and if your backyard is already concrete. 

A permanent DIY court will set you back even more than that, depending on the cost of paint, waterproofing, and other materials. If you want to go all out and build yourself a standard, tournament-grade pickleball court in your backyard, you’ll need to budget around $40,000 to $45,000.


Backyard Pickleball Court Maintenance Cost

A pickleball court that is built properly and maintained well should last up to 10 to 15 years. 

It costs about $300 to $1,000 a year to maintain a standard pickleball hardcourt, depending on how often the court is used. Paint will wear off quickly with a lot of daily foot activity. Cracks also frequently appear on outdoor courts and need to be fixed right away to prevent further damage.

Resurfacing your pickleball court will cost about $500 to $1,500, and you’ll need to do this every three to five years, once the acrylic surface coating wears off from frequent use. It’s expensive, but remember that surface coatings protect your cement. Without protection, a court will start to crack in just five to eight years—if you’re lucky. Redoing the cement and fixing larger cracks is much more expensive than recoating.

can you double hit in pickleball

Can You Double Hit in Pickleball

Pickleball is a fast-paced and exciting racquet sport that’s gaining popularity worldwide. However, like any sport, it comes with its own set of rules and regulations. One common question among beginners and even some intermediate players is, “Can you double hit in pickleball?” 

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about double hits in pickleball. What are pickleball double hits? And, more importantly, we talk about the rules governing them so you can avoid related faults on the court.


What is a Double Hit in Pickleball?

In the early days of pickleball, when the sport was still evolving, the rules regarding double hits were less defined. Double hits were quite common on the court, and players often got away with them. However, as pickleball’s popularity surged, so did the need for clearer and fairer rules.

pickleball double hit


Over time, governing bodies of pickleball, such as the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association), worked to establish stricter and more precise rules regarding double hits. The aim was to ensure fairness and consistency across all levels of play.

So, what exactly is a double hit in pickleball? A double hit in pickleball is defined in the USAPA rulebook as hitting the ball twice before it is returned. Basically, it occurs when a player hits the ball two times during a single stroke or attempts to strike the ball. 

A double hit in pickleball often happens when the ball rebounds off the player’s paddle, and they inadvertently hit it again on their follow-through. Double hits are generally considered infractions unless specific conditions are met.


Is Double Hit Legal in Pickleball?

According to Section 11 A of the 2023 pickleball rulebook by the USAPA: 

“Balls can be hit twice, but this must occur during an unintentional, continuous, single-direction stroke by one player. If the stroke made while performing the serve or during a rally is deliberately not continuous, or not in a single direction, or the ball is struck by a second player, it is a fault.”

double hit legal in pickleball


Let’s break this down into simpler terms so we can clarify when a double hit is allowed and when it’s considered an illegal action. 

  • The Hit Must Be Unintentional

If you accidentally strike the ball twice, it won’t immediately be counted as a double hit. Only intentional double hits are against the rules. If you didn’t mean to hit the ball twice, you’re in the clear.

  • The Hit Must Be Continuous

A double hit must occur during a single, continuous stroke for it to be considered legal. This means that if you let the ball bounce on your paddle or hit it twice in separate motions, you’ll be committing a fault.

  • The Hit Must Be in a Single Direction

Your double hit should propel the ball in the same direction. If it changes course significantly, it’s considered illegal.

  • The Hit Must Be Made by One Player

In doubles play, only one player on a team is allowed to hit the ball at a time. If both players on a team hit the ball consecutively, it’s an illegal double hit.


Consequences of a Double Hit in Pickleball

So, what happens if you commit a double hit fault in pickleball? If a player is found to have intentionally double-hit the ball, their team will lose the rally. The opposing team (if it’s their service) will then be awarded the point.


How to Avoid Double Hits in Pickleball

Avoiding double hits in pickleball is essential to maintain fair play.

avoid double hits in pickleball


Here are some tips to help you prevent double hits:

  • Know the Rules

Familiarize yourself with the rules of pickleball, especially those concerning double hits.

  • Practice Your Technique

Work on your paddle control and aim for clean, controlled hits.

  • Patience is Key

Don’t rush your shots. Take a moment to position yourself correctly before striking the ball.


The Future of Double Hits in Pickleball

As pickleball continues to gain popularity worldwide, it’s likely that the rules concerning double hits will also evolve. The sport’s governing bodies are constantly reviewing and refining the rules to maintain fairness and uphold the spirit of the game.

In the future, we can expect even more clarity in the rules, possibly with advancements in technology aiding officials in making accurate judgments regarding double hits. The goal will always be to provide an enjoyable and equitable playing experience for all pickleball enthusiasts.



In pickleball, a double hit is generally against the rules, but there are exceptions. It’s crucial to understand when a double hit is allowed and when it’s considered an infraction. By following the rules and practicing your technique, you can minimize the chances of committing a double hit and play a more enjoyable and fair game of pickleball. 

So, keep those rules in mind, practice your skills, and get out on the court to enjoy this fantastic sport!

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